Slice of SciFi Podcast Update

Greetings Slicers!

Michael R. Mennenga here, Founder and CEO of “Slice of SciFi” with a long awaited update on our podcast and other SLICE programming. First off, let me say “Thank You” for your continued loyalty, support and infinite patience. As you know, the Slice of SciFi radio show has been on hiatus for the past several weeks.

In large part, this is due to a real estate transaction that has affected the Draco Vista Studios where we record the episodes. Unfortunately, the dust hasn’t quite settled yet, and we will still remain on temporary hiatus for the time being.

SliceTVLogo-vsm However, Slice of SciFi’s regular contributors like Kurt in St. George with “Slice of Trivia” and Sean from Edwards’ “Flight Test Land” segments are still being produced and are available for your enjoyment on

There is also tons of reviews and news still being published on our family of sites:,, and

And… has gone live online with News, Interviews and Commentary about passionate people from all corners of Geekdom.

I urge you all to Subscribe to SLICEnews at: so you’ll never miss any new, awesome SLICE content. We all have a Geek. What’s Yours?

Lastly, please know we are working quietly behind the scene to secure new studio space and get back into podcast production as soon as possible.
I’ll keep you posted and you keep on Slice’n!

Michael R. Mennenga, Technical Director


  1. says

    Come on! We know the real story here: Mennenga is being held in a Sonoran jail because he got caught smuggling Star Trek TOS DVD’s across the border and showing them to agave farmers on the side of a barn just outside of Santa Ana Mexico. The MPAA and the RIA have long arms and they snatched that boy right up!

    We just need Summer to grab her Bat’leth and go get him out, old school KAMN style!

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