5 Episodes In: “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” Season 6

Netflix has answered many a fanboy’s prayers and done another season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Does it stand up to prior seasons or is it just filler? Let’s find out…

True confession time: We’re actually 7 episodes in, not 5. Other true confession: We were unable to make the preview stuff work (sometimes geek/nerd/brain combos just can’t handle the intricacies of super secret passcodes and such, okay?) so if we can see it, you can see it, too. Right now. But, do you want to?

Frankly… yes.

The story picks up after Season 5 (don’t say “duh” — there was a chance it wouldn’t), though there’s either a time lapse or we’re just not speaking of certain people (coughAhsokacough) anymore. Season 6 so far is similar to Season 5 in that we’re dealing with a lot of political intrigue. There’s the usual action, but this has a lot more in common with The Phantom Menace than, say, A New Hope. Which makes sense. This series is set between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, so we need to see the political machinations of our Supreme Evil One in order to grasp why one movie led into the other.

If you were a fan before, there’s nothing not to love (other than coughNoAhsokacough). The droids are still comic relief, the action’s still there, the visuals are still excellent, Padme’s still trying to save the galaxy, Anakin’s still surly, Obi-Wan’s still wise, Yoda still can’t speak properly, and the animation is, if anything, even better than in past seasons, which is saying a lot. The colors POP and in many scenes it feels as if you’re right there. Plus, we get lots of Mace Windu and Bail Organa, which makes me happy. And Count Dooku. And some amazingly cool bounty hunters. (One has a dragon dog! I want a dragon dog!)

If you weren’t a fan before, is it worth trying? If you hated the “first” three movies, no, it’s not for you, because everything you hated is in this series, only amplified. If, however, you’re among the True Faithful who loved the “first” three (The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith) as much as the real first trilogy (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi), then where have you been all this time? Not only is this season for you, but so are all the rest of them, conveniently all available on Netflix for your binging pleasure. And if you watched all 5 seasons and weren’t sure whether or not to invest in season 6, rest assured, you’re gonna love it.

For those few who fall into the gray area of not being gigantic Star Wars nerds in some way (as in, those of you who don’t have arguments over dinner about plot points in every one of the movies) (also as in, people who would not enjoy dinner at our house), should you give this a try? Yes. And yes, you could start with Season 6 and not really have an issue. While it’s a little like joining a soap opera mid-season, it’s not a problem to figure our what’s going on. The animation is stellar, the voice work excellent, and the storylines are good. If you’re on the fence, try it; it’s likely you’ll enjoy it.

One more true confession: the hubs is the True Faithful in our relationship and has watched this series religiously. He LOVES Season 6. For me, A New Hope (called Star Wars in my day, LOL) was possibly the most seminal movie of my life and, I guess therefore, I loathe the “first” three movies. I can watch Season 6 because the animation is amazing and I’m an animation geek. However, truly, if you hated The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, or Revenge of the Sith, especially if you cannot stand the Anakin character, give this a pass and wait for Star Wars Rebels.

For everyone else? May the Force be with you while you binge.

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