Why Wil Wheaton Is A Cool Dude

Ever wonder why we geeks and or nerds, both young and old alike love Wil Wheaton? He has been on our Geek-dar since his early days in the Rob Reiner film Stand By Me and only grew in nerd stature after his stint as a young lad on Star Trek: The Next Generation. I can remember Wil getting a lot of flack, even from some pretty staunch Star Trek fans back in the 1980’s for being such a nerdy kid on the Roddenberry masterpiece. However, when I watched this young man on the small and big screen I felt a strong familiarity with him and the characters he portrayed.

By the time Wil came on the scene I was already in my early 30’s but I took to him right away as he reminded me of…..well, myself during those awkward teenage years of my life that he appeared to be going through and seemed to be handling it with great composure, pride and grace on and off the screen.

Here is just another reason why I think Wil Wheaton is one of the best and one of the good guys out there.


  1. Shadoglare says

    The video is almost a year old and I have no idea why it’s suddenly trending again, but rock on. My opinion of Wheaton tends to swing a bit, but this is one of the times when he was awesome.


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