After Reset: The Fall of Gyes

The Fall of Gyes. This 32-page graphic novel will shed light on the backstory of “After Reset,” a post apocalyptic RPG still in development, as well as one of the game’s companions, while delivering a compelling sci-fi narrative in its own right.

The goal of the graphic novel is to have the same cinematic and storytelling quality of classic films like “The Thing” or “Aliens,” in a claustrophobic atmosphere where no one knows exactly what is happening or who the enemy is until disaster strikes.

This Reset nearly destroyed all of civilization. The nuclear fire that was unleashed on the world left the planet a radioactive wasteland, and those who survived were left buried in choking ash.

All inhabitants, the rich and poor alike, who found refuge in government underground bunkers were able to build and flourish in this unfamiliar environment. They thrived beneath the surface while on top the planet lay burning and devastated.

In one of the surface outposts called Gyes, established by the underground to monitor the ever changing planet’s environment, one of the interns assigned to the post becomes a witness to They — surface dwellers, killers, thieves. What was thought impossible became the new reality – there was a growing surface population of survivors bent on entering the underworld through this one post’s portal bringing with them the very destruction that led to the planet’s original demise. And all that stands between They and those living below ground is a 20-year old wet-behind-the-ears intern. Will he be able to stop the horde? Will he survive?

There is only one way to find out – Support the kickstarter project for “After Reset: The Fall of Gyes.”

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