Takei and Seagal Together In Dark Vengeance

George Takei (Star Trek) and Steven Seagal (True Justice) team up in this DVD special release from the “True Justice” series for a gripping two-parter — Dark Vengeance seamlessly joined together for a joyride of Seagal-esque entertainment.

Seattle’s darkest Criminal Division led by Elijah Kane (Seagal) and his hard-knuckled team work around the clock to track down a meticulous black magic-practicing killer in the vagrant strip club underworld.

George Takei plays the forensic scientist who uses his expertise to help capture a serial killer.

Dark Vengeance co-stars Meghan Ory (Intelligence), Warren Christie (Alphas), Sarah Lind (Edgemont), Zi Ma (24) and Alex Mallari Jr. (RoboCop).


Dark Vengeance now available on Rebox.

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