Beltran Returns To Science Fiction

Beltran_Poster Robert Beltran is scheduled to begin shooting his first real sci-fi endeavor since leaving the bridge of Star Trek’s Voyager series.

Beltran, who starred as First Officer Chakotay of “Star Trek: Voyager” for seven seasons will headline the indie sci-fi action drama titled Resilient 3D. The story is set in the year 2052 on planet Earth which is in the final throes of environmental chaos and natural disasters.

Virginia Madsen (Sideways, Prophecy), John Diehl (Stargate) and Miguel Sandoval (Medium) co-star. Production is set to begin in April 2014 with locations throughout Canada and headquartered in Montreal.

Beltran will star as physicist Dermot Turner who has taken the lead in evacuating as much of the population as possible to both Mars and Jupiter’s moon Europa.

Funded mainly through Kickstarter this will be one of the first such financed ventures to feature real mainstream Hollywood quality 3D, CGI and holographic effects. Those wishing to donate to the continued effort can still do so.

The feature was written and produced by Michael Taverna (Apartment 1303 3D) who also will be directing. recently interviewed Beltran about his return to sci-fi.

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