“The Fantastic Four” Is Cast

fantastic-four-reboot-cast2015 The new principals for the next “The Fantastic Four” movie have finally been cast after literally years of speculation, rewrites and delays.

20th Century Fox has decided to go young and go a tad different this time around. In fact those chosen look like they could have just walked off the set of one of The CW Network’s beautiful people shows.

The biggest catch is actress Kate Mara who received rave reviews during her stint on the first season of the highly acclaimed Netflix Emmy winning Kevin Spacey vehicle “House of Cards.” Mara will star as Sue Storm the Invisible Girl.

Joining her is Mike Teller (Divergent) as Mr. Fantastic, Jamie Bell (Jumper) as The Thing and Johnny Storm – aka The Human Torch – will be portrayed by Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle).

The pre-production for this Marvel reboot has gone through several rewrites but will keep the original storyline that all four, after being exposed to a burst of massive cosmic radiation, start to exhibit specific superpowers. However, the origin stories for each of the characters is rumored to go off comic book canon.

The biggest question for fans of the franchise is whether or not Jamie Bell can pull off the transformation into and out of The Thing and make it believable. In the previous films veteran actor Michael Chiklis was perfect casting in that role. Some critics are questioning the choice of Bell to fill those big shoes. Mara on the other hand is being praised as the model choice for Sue Storm and is expected to make everyone forget Jessica Alba’s lackluster performance in the past films.

Now that the cast for “The Fantastic Four” has been green-lit the theatrical release date has been set by Fox for June 19, 2015.


  1. says

    Wow, this cast is even worse than the one for the Superman films!
    That is going to have to be one hell of an awesome script, to save this film. But I doubt they’ll be able to make it that good. In which case, this is going to do poorly.


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