“The Last Unicorn” Screening Tour: Arizona, New Mexico & Colorado

The Last Unicorn swings through the Southwest:

Here are links to get information or buy tickets:

Monday 01/20/2014, 7 PM — the Gateway 12 Theatre, in Mesa, AZ

Tuesday 01/21/2014, 7 PM — The Palm Valley 14 in Goodyear AZ

Wednesday 01/22/2014, 7:30 PM — The Loft Cinema in Tucson AZ

Saturday 01/25/2014, 11:30 AM, 6:30 PM, & 9 PM — The Jean Cocteau Theater in Santa Fe, NM

Saturday 01/25/2014, 5 PM — on a separate ticket, the first-ever Peter S. Beagle/George R. R. Martin Fantasy Summit at the Jean Cocteau Theater in Santa Fe, NM — the combo ticket for the summit and screening can only be purchased in person at the theater or by contacting the Jean Cocteau at (505) 466-5528.

Monday 01/27/2014, 7 PM — The Alamo Drafthouse in Littleton, CO

If you live in (or near) any of these locations, then get your tickets right now for these special events. This is your chance to FINALLY see The Last Unicorn on the big screen, in a big crowd of fellow fans that feel the same love and excitement for this story that you do.

Peter will be at every screening to do a Q&A session, sign things, give hugs and great conversation — and he will stay as long as it takes to meet and talk with everyone.

Apologies for missing Las Vegas and Las Cruces on this run. Try as we might (and we tried really hard) no movie theater in either city would agree to a screening. Not at this time, anyway. All we can do is try again later and hope for better results.

Be sure to keep your eye on the Tour Website: www.lastunicorntour.com, to see when screenings will reach your area.

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