Best Doctor Who Scene in the 50 Year Franchise

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In 50 years of filming there are going to be some really classic scenes from Doctor Who. Everyone has their favorites. Most would agree, however, after the release of the 50th Anniversary episode on November 23, 2013 this one short two in a half minute scene has stolen the hearts and caused the most tears of any that came before it. As a result Slice of SciFi knights this scene from “The Day of the Doctor” to be the Best of Doctor Who Moment.

To quote River Song – “SPOILERS Sweetie.”

Agree or disagree? Make your comments below. We’d like to know what you think.


  1. A nice scene in the fiftieth anniversary special? Yes.

    One that had me tear up a bit when I first saw it? Yes.

    The best scene in the entire fifty year run of the show? Not so much.

    Good scene, but I still think there are some more iconic and defining moments from the show’s long run. For example, the “do I have the right?” scene from “Genesis of the Daleks” and the original cliffhanger reveal of the Dalek’s plunger arm from “The Dead Planet” rank right up there.

  2. Michael from New Zealand says:

    A good scene but I would probably go for Sarah’s departure at the end of Hand of Fear.

    • Sam Sloan says:

      Yeah Michael that was something too. It’s tough there were so many in 50 years. The death of the Face of Bo was another.

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