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Slice of SciFi Asks: What R U Reading??? Check out what the Slice Cast has been using their eyeballs for, which authors are rocking it, stories that hooked and blow us away, and find out if there is utter crap that should be avoided.

That’s our view… what’s yours??

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  1. Jim Blackford says:

    Right now I am reading one of the H.E.R.O. novels by Kevin Rau, “Nightmonger”. I found this series on Amazon. The first book was free and it was a good enough read to keep me coming back for more. That’s the really great thing about self publishing on Amazon, authors can take chances with things that publishers will not consider and get rewarded for it. Occasionally you will find some really good as yet unknown authors that may lack in editing but make up for it with some fresh ideas. Of course you pay for this by having to wade through some real crap to find the good books but that kind of adds to my enjoyment of finding good authors and giving them encouragement. This might make a good segment for the show sometime, pick an author that started out that way and find out what their experiences were in self publishing.

  2. Currently I have 3 books going – which is about routine for my reading habits – it’s the only way I can keep ahead of all the reading material I have to stay up on. 1st I’ve got Star Trek FAQ 2.0 going on, followed by Jesse Ventura’s They Killed Our President and then The Way of the Explorer by Dr. Edgar Mitchell. Oh, I almost forgot – I’m also in the middle of Annunaki…Hebrew God and ADAM, The Missing Link. That about sums it up for now.

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