The Flying Man – A Superhero Short Film

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“The Flying Man” is a unique sort of superhero. He is no Superman or Batman for that matter. Why? Because unlike those heroes The Flying Man seems not to be guided by such a rigid moral compass. He deals with bad guys swiftly and without prejudice.

This short film is the brainchild of Brazilian born writer/director Marcus Alqueres, who is now headquartered in Toronto, Canada. His background is in film visual arts and animation and has worked on such big screen flicks as “300,” “Source Code,” “Rise of the Planet of the Apes and “The Adventures of TinTin.”

“The Flying Man” was made possible with the help of friends and colleagues of the director who not only chipped in financial resources but their moviemaking talents as well, including visual effects veteran Soao Sita (“Avatar,” “R.I.P.D.”).

This taste of Alqueres’ dream of creating a new superhero, if well received by a studio and the public in this short, may well lead to a full length theatrical presentation of “The Flying Man.”

The Flying Man from Marcus Alqueres on Vimeo.


  1. Ooh, that was good.
    That was very good. I liked it!

  2. I like it… great tension, and I like how you only get glimpses, and the buildup of the questions.

    I’d love to see this serialized online, like H+ and a few other series.

  3. OK, that was pretty flippin’ awesome :)

  4. Really interesting, I hope it does get developed further; it’s sort of how Sharlto got started with “District 9″, does anybody have Peter Jackson’s phone #?

  5. I don’t know why a reasonable movie making company would NOT want to investigate pursuing this movie. Is it because there is no complete story written yet? I like the intrigue aspect so far. IE Is the flying man human, that has found new technology or maybe non-human from another planet? Also why not just capture the bad guys? Why all the immediate death? Oh so many questions. I hope the movie gets made so we can all find out!

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