“That’s How I Was Raised And I Turned Out TV!”

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Slice of SciFi takes on Television and unravels the mystery behind your viewing habits by asking the one simple question the Lame Stream Media is AFRAID to ask!!!

What are you watching?

Whoa! Hang on! This social experiment goes off the rails among the Slice of SciFi cast, long before we get around to asking… Wat U R Watching?

“Haven” remains sticky, despite crappy superpowers… “Ravenswood” is spooky, but reeks of teenage hormones… “Supernatural” is liked, just not for the main characters… Continuum is holy crap! WoW! ~ Where does it go from here? Way too many shows to mention here, but did Your Show make the list??

“That’s how I was raised and I turned out TV!”

What about you??
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  1. When were these recorded? They sound really dated.

    Mike, if you don’t like Sleepy Hollows, you just don’t like fun. It’s not a great show, but it’s a really fun show.

    Arrow was excellent and probably the best genre show this season.

  2. I really tried giving Sleepy Hollow a chance but like Mike found it just too meh. I really enjoy Arrow. The first half of season one was a bit slow going and disjointed with the rapid flashbacks & setup of current characters but once that was finished the show really has come into its own and real fun TV.

    The current episodes airing are a couple of weeks old. Getting a bevy of them recorded so we have something over the upcoming long holiday break.

  3. @ Chris W: I think the slicers are Netflix users versus cable (Comcast, TimeWarner, Others). I have Comcast and Amazon Prime so I don’t have to wait. I didn’t want to go Amazon Prime but cable can be fickle about back catalogue, I wanted Twin Peaks and CBS took forever to put it on Xfinity web site. Lost Girl is playing in Canada now but not on Syfy CONUS.

    There is no perfect viewing solution. THERE WILL NEVER BE ONE /capbold

    HI slicers, Good start but here is a short list of “Good, Bad & Butt-ugly”:
    Times are EST — Only fantasy, sci-fi, and rebooted classics —
    Sun: 10p Witches of East End — We all agree on this, ‘Dallas with Witches’. ++good

    Mon: 8p Almost Human — The robot locker room scene is .. yes Ken Doll weird. good
    Mon: 9p Sleepy Hollow — Yawn but DVR’ing it. bad
    Mon:10p The Black List — Weekly dose of WTF over. good

    Tue: 8p Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. — I am waiting for the cool stuff. -good
    Tue:10p Person of Interest — God is an AI and has a psycho-bitch SysOp. ++good

    Wed: 8p Revolution — Wow Monroe is a good guy. Nanotech has free will? good
    Wed: 8p Arrow — What in the world is going on? good [getting better] good

    Thu: 9p Once Upon a Time in Wonderland — Still DVR’ing. -bad

    Fri: 9p Dracula — The script is working, Victoria Smurfit as Lady Jane. Total farce +good
    Fri: 10p Haven — Duh! Be there or be .. a .. square trouble. +good

    Sat: xxp Atlantis — DOA but DVR’ing. Butt-ugly
    Sat: xxp Orphan Black — OMG! ++good

    That is it for now.

    • I would have to pretty much agree with your assessment fairuse. I would have included some of my CW favs The Originals – beyond awesome. The Vampire Diaries – the beautiful people’s weekly fix and The Tomorrow People – the main character, Robbie Amell, looks like he could have been a standin for Tom Cruise in his younger days except a bit more beefy like his big brother Stephen Amell (Arrow). Like you The Blacklist is heads above everything else except possibly Homeland and Continnum. Hostages isn’t too bad but Orphan Black is the best show on any medium today & so looking forward to its second season.

      • SamS:
        I am with you on Continnum, I am almost through season 2 of Homeland; Strike Back & Banshee took lead (I can’t say anything live about Banshee without being all spoiler.).

        I tried “Tomorrow People” once.It didn’t grab my attention. I may put it on ‘Xfinity Watchlist’ and binge it — same for “The Originals”. I’m not a big CW viewer; my wife is.

        I didn’t include some shows that are on break, or web based, although IFC is pushing that line-in-the-sand. Some January pilots I’ll watch: TBA

        Technical Difficulties … Please Stand By ..

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