Many “Oz” Imaginings Headed Our Way

Several television networks are ready to go “somewhere over the rainbow.”

Currently, there are four new tales at L. Frank Baum’s magical universe of Oz in the works, each with a new look or location to show us.

First we had NBC’s Emerald City which will be a modern take on the Oz stories, set in New York City.  Over on CBS, Dorothy will give us the universe of Oz as a medical procedural and then we’ve got the upcoming Syfy miniseries Warriors of Oz which promises to be a post-apocalyptic journey down the yellow brick road.

Now the CW is entering the Oz fray as well.

According to TV Line, the network is developing a pilot based on Danielle Paige’s upcoming novel, Dorothy Must Die.

In this take on the classic Baum tale, Dorothy Gale has become the fascist dictator of Oz. The only challenge to her throne is the leader of a resistence movement who comes in the form of yet another teenager from Kansas. This adaptation comes from Heroes team TIm Kring, Adam Armus and Norma Kay Foster.

Could all this Oz in the works be because this year is the 75th anniversary of the classic movie?

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