BBC Raises Up Atlantis

This fall looks to be an exciting season for television in the UK.

atlantis At the top of the list is the BBC’s newest addition to the world of fantasy entertainment called “Atlantis,” starring Jack Donnelly (“Misfits”), Mark Addy (“Game of Thrones”), Sarah Parish (“Merlin”) and Robert Emms (“War Horse”).

As the name suggests “Atlantis” will explore the legendary sunken city of antiquity. However, this 13-part series will view the empire through the lens of the living past and bring to life ancient superheroes Hercules, Jason and Pythagoras.

The BBC is hoping this will bring the same fans who adored their highly successful “Merlin” series back to the television and have their screens fixed to their network every Saturday night. The only question for American fans of BBC’s genre shows is – will BBC America be airing the show in the USA?

For the full story on this and other new 2013 fall season sci-fi and other related genre programming in Great Britain go to Slice of SciFi UK.


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