Cumberbatch In Lost City of Z

cumber When Benedict Cumberbatch just up and walked away from the highly anticipated Guillermo Del Toro (“Pacific Rim,” “Hellboy”) horror film “Crimson Peak,” people in the biz were shaking their heads and left wondering why. We may finally have the answer to Mr. Cumberbatch’s behavior.

It appears that he will be the lead for the Brad Pitt produced movie “The Lost City of Z.” Pitt’s production company Plan B and Panorama Media are backing the film that is set to be directed by James Gray (“The Immigrant”).

It was rumored that Pitt might be starring in the project but that is now laid to rest with this latest development.

“The Lost City of Z’ is based on the book by author David Grann which centers on the life of a 1920’s British army Colonel named Percy Fawcett who disappears while on an expedition to find the mythical City of Z. Gray will also adapt the screenplay around Grann’s novel.

Cumberbatch will be having a very busy next couple of years with his return to the small screen for the 2014 season of “Sherlock” and at least seven new big screen offerings including Jackson’s continuation of the Hobbit films, voice work for “Magik” and the “The Penguins of Madagascar” as well as live action movies “The Imitation Game,” “Flying Horse” and a spy short titled “Little Favor.”

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