Stallone Could Be Heading To TV

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rambo Sly Stallone on TV? Can the small screen contain his bulk? It just might happen, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Stallone is in negotiations to join Avi Lerner’s television production totally based on Sly’s Rambo character.

Both men will be working together shopping the small screen concept of the big screen mercenary to broadcasters nationally and to networks across the globe.

If given a go and buy from a network Stallone would participate on the creative side of the project and may even reprise his part as Rambo.

Stallone has made very few television series appearances over his 43 year career. If successfully sold this would be his first real lead in a weekly TV-scripted show. He currently has four films at different levels of production including a rumored appearance in “Creed” as Rocky Balboa.


  1. Breaking news!!! Nope.

    • Sam Sloan says:

      Correct Jake it’s not breaking news – It’s Developing Story. That is why we put it in the Developing Story section of the site instead of the Featured banner.

  2. Kurt in St. George says:

    If this actually comes to pass, I see it playing on the same channels and being run just following or just before the current Steven Seagal cop show. Somehow they seem like they should both go together.

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