“Amazing Spider-Man 2″ Wows Comic Con

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wowed the Comic Con crowd in Hall H Friday evening with a first look at the upcoming sequel.

Director Mark Webb was joined by star Andrew Garfield to pump up the sequel.  Filming on the movie finished three weeks ago.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Garfield entered the hall in character and remained that way as he worked his way to the stage.  He was seated next to co-star Jamie Foxx, who plays the villain Elektro in the sequel.

Audience members saw footage of Garfield as Spidey battling with the Rhino, who is played by Paul Giamatti, and Electro.

Garfield fielded questions about recent statements in Entertainment Weekly that Spidey could come out of the closet in the film series. Saying that “love is love,” Garfield reiterated that he sees no reason MJ couldn’t be a guy in the third installment.

The panel also addressed concerns there might be too many villains in the film, along the lines of Spider-Man 3. The panel said they are aware of it and are working to avoid the mistakes of that film.

Webb comforted fans by saying, “There won’t be too much” and saying that Giamatti’s role is small one and the key villain is Elektro.

“Elektro is an incredibly powerful villain that will sustain the breadth and depth of the film,” he said.

We’ve got a glimpse of the footage seen at Comic Con, courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter.

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