Lost “Doctor Who” Episodes Rumor Likely A Hoax

Last week, Doctor Who fans were buzzing with rumors that a cache of lost classic episodes had been recovered.

Many fans took the news with a huge grain of salt and it turns out it’s a good thing.

The rumor appears to be a hoax.

One of the sources cited in the rumors was former script-editor Andrew Cartmel.  When asked about the news via Twitter, Cartmel denied knowledge adding that he hoped the lost episodes would soon be found.

Allegedly there was one man in particular making all these rather bold claims regarding lost BBC episodes. For whatever reason, many higher-ups at the BBC and within the crew of Doctor Who felt this individual was on the level. This seems to be at least partly true, as former Who script consultant Ian Levine made the truth very clear on Twitter.

Levine denied that the episodes were found and it likely that the 106 missing episodes would remain that way.


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