Another Star Trek Invention Could Become Reality

Since Star Trek began as a franchise almost 50 years ago the world has seen a lot of Gene Roddenberry’s “far out” scifi concepts become reality. To name a few: Today most people wouldn’t know how to live without their cell phone. In the world of Star Trek they were called communicators. Face to face video conferencing was a typical part of Star Trek’s day to day operation aboard a starship even over distances of millions of miles in space. Since then the real world has seen a myriad of like technologies come and go each improving over the other. Transporter technology is in its infancy today. It started with atoms several years ago and has now progressed to the level of transporting a molecule. Other Star Trek ideas that have come to fruition are cloning, genetic engineering, tagging radioactive tracers to specific cancer target cells, GPS, cloaking, transparent aluminum, lasers, ion propulsion and so on.

According to SPACE.commar_millis_nasa there is another Trek technological wonder that could one day see the light of day and become an everyday reality – WARP DRIVE! Marc Millis, former head of NASA’s Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Project, talks about how physicists are wrestling with the intriguing possibility of faster-than-light travel.

Watch this fascinating video HERE.

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