“Stargate: Universe” Fans Petition Netflix

While it looks like Netflix won’t bring back Firefly, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t bring back another cancelled before its time series.  At least that’s what fans of Stargate: Universe are hoping.

They’ve started a petition with the on-line streaming content provider to bring back SGU.

Here’s their argument in favor of bringing the show back:

As epic space science fiction, SGU has highly focused appeal to a desirable and exceptionally avantgarde demographic: Geeks, technophiles, early adopters–viewers in the coveted 18-49 age range who embrace tomorrow’s technology today, and who prefer to watch series via the Internet through gaming consoles, laptops, PCs, smart phones, tablets, iPods, smart TVs, etc. Thus, though the Nielsen ratings measure conventional audiences with laudable accuracy, SGU’s uniquely unconventional viewers went largely uncounted, watching in ways and time frames beyond The Nielsen Company’s purview. This gave SGU the illusory appearance of unpopularity and skewed its reported demographics.

So do you agree that the series could be brought back? And do you want more SGU?


  1. AndyMac says

    I just signed. It would be great to get at least one more season to wrap things up but I would take more if I could get it.

    This was one of the best shows on Syfy and the ending was a major bummer-right up there with Farscape Season 4.

  2. mic7 says

    While I loved SGU I don’t know if they could bring it back anytime soon with Robert Carlyle being on Once Upon a Time. It’s been renewed and he plays one of the main roles and SGU wouldn’t be the same without Rush or without Carlyle playing him. Of course I guess they might be able to work around his schedule if it wasn’t too overloaded.

    • says

      Since NBC & SyFy are part of the NBC Universal family & Carlyle is under contract with Universal finding time for both shows should pose no problem. It has been done successfully before.

  3. TH says

    I think the SGU fans are delusional, quite frankly SGU was a good idea done badly, it is why it’s audience disappeared worldwide. Not because it was being viewed by other means as they purport but because it was badly written, like someone took all the cool things to do in TV and threw them all into the pot without any thought to plot or pacing.

  4. Jake says

    I do not have cable. And in this age I don’t really need it. I watched SGU on Hulu. But that didn’t count, I guess.

  5. says

    I will definitely sign it. SGU was the best Sci-Fi on TV since B5. But I don’t really see it going anywhere, most of these end up being pipe dreams. I think a series of movies is possible if they could work around the actors schedules but it would be more expensive now with the sets already struck. I’VE moved on, don’t toy with me!

    There were several factors leading to Syfy’s unforgivable decision to cancel SGU. Part of it was branding, Many Stargate fans were expecting the formulaic cheesiness of SG1 and SGA and weren’t ready for the upgrade. It was one of the few diamonds in a sea of syfy crap.

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