Turner Glad Fans Hate Sansa

Sophie Turner’s character of Sansa Stark is one that many fans love to hate.  But Turner is taking the fan’s apathy in stride.

“At first it kind of came as a shock because people didn’t like Sansa; she isn’t a fan favorite. A lot of fans that recognize me go, ‘I kind of hate you,’ and I’m all, ‘Cool, well, you’ve just made this sufficiently awkward.’ I thought I was being personally attacked, but I knew I wasn’t. It was all new to me,” she tells Blastr. “[Sansa’s] the least favorite in the books so I guess I’m doing my job if I’m the least favorite in the show. Now I don’t really read [online comments] and I’m pretty happy with reactions to Sansa because she’s a kick-ass character.”


  1. Valentine says

    Girlfriend, you are doing a fabulous job! We hate you, you charater was just written that way… but just wait my dear! Just wait, you will have an excellent mentor…and I hope they film the beautiful “snow castle” scene.

  2. Joe Klemmer says

    It would be nice to have some inkling as to who Sansa is and what show or movie she is a character in.

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