Disney Hires “Pete’s Dragon” Writer

The reboot of Pete’s Dragon is a step closer to becoming a reality with news that Disney has hired David Lowery to pen the script.

The new version of the Disney film won’t be a musical according to reports. Made in 1977, the original film features a blend of animation and live action along with musical numbers. The new version will most likely be a CG animation/live action blend.

Lowery is the writer of the film Pit Stop.

So, do you think the world needs a Pete’s Dragon reboot?


  1. Lejon from Chandler says

    … Disney, still crapping on my childhood…
    No, this doesn’t need to be done. None of the Disney reboots NEED to be done.

    However, all loathing of the company aside, as much as my childhood memories of this as an awesome movie may well believe, it was mediocre at best. Years after seeing this, I remembered Elliot and the name of the town Passamaquoddy, and that’s about it. I wasn’t even cognizant of it being a Musical. Not a single memorable song in it. So, let them redo it. Not a musical? So what? That might make it better.

    A suggestion to Disney, and to Mr. Lowery. Make it a solid film. I’d go for a hard drama with some hard laughs brought on by Elliot (or whatever the re-incarnation will be called.)

    Just my $0.02

  2. says

    I’m not a fan of all this re-boot rage going on, especially with Disney property. However, I never liked Pete’s Dragon. I found the story to be thin, the animation with Pete was not up to Disney standards, the production numbers were pure nonsense, as if they were done because they were expected by the audience for the sake of doing production numbers, instead of them organically growing out of the story where the characters were at that particular time of the plot.

    Pete’s Dragon is easily one of the weakest (if not THE weakest) Disney films I have ever seen. While I think doing a re-boot on that movie smells of a bad idea, there is always the possibility that it might actually improve the film. When you’re already at the bottom, the only place you can go is up!

    • Laith Preston says

      Oh I don’t know. I think there is always the possibility of digging deeper.

      That said I remember loving Pete’s Dragon… but it has also been a long time since I watched it so it may just have been that I was young at the time.

      Your comments make me a bit afraid to show the girls, lest childhood memories get smashed.

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