How Would Brad Bird Have Opened “Jedi”?

One of the names rumored to direct the next Star Wars installment was former Pixar director Brad Bird.  Bird gave us The Incredibles and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, so maybe he’ll direct episode eight or nine if J.J. Abrams plate gets too full.

If so, it might be pretty cool since Bird recently shared with actor Patton Oswalt how he would have opened Return of the Jedi.

“I was talking with [director] Brad Bird one time, and he said it’s like the beginning of Return of the Jedi. Luke shows up and he’s a badass,” Oswalt tells Esquire. “He said they should’ve opened it with Luke in the swamp saying to Yoda, “You said ‘Don’t go.’ I said ‘F#@& you, I’m gonna go help my friends.’ I went and got my hand cut off and my friends are in even worse trouble because of what I did. I f#$@ed up everything.” And then Yoda should have gone, “Now you’re a Jedi. Now you’re beyond the fear of failure. Now you’re ready.” That would have made it even cooler.”

So, do you agree with Oswalt about this opening being cooler? Or are you happy with how Jedi opened?

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