Multiverse News: The Neutron Saga Epic Conclusion

In Part 1: Nigel Blackwood makes a final appearance in the current series. By learning what the future holds, would you make the same decisions? Free the Prisoners, Rescue for Krazy Joe and Sean from Edwards, and prepare for the end of our world? Will Lance and Nigel go out with a bang? Or Change the Future for All.

In Part 2 – The situation is dire, and it’s been an honor but what the… ???

On behalf of everyone here at Slice of SciFi, we send heartfelt gratitude to Martin Collins, Scott Purdy, Shane Nixon, Sean Schauer, ‘Dillo, Brooke Lewis, Gary Lindros, Krazy Joe, Dave Perillo, Tim Adamec, Mi Michael Falkner, Anthony Hardy, Trampas Whiteman, Kim Butler, Mandana Khoshnevisan, Dan Putnam, Lisa Tobias, Sarah Robertson, Sage Turtle, Laura K, Clay Robeson, Jessica Blue, Andrew Ball, Jay Emmitt, Michael R. Mennenga, Summer Brooks, and some that are too shy to be credited.

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  1. says

    Late Credits!

    Sean from Edwards
    Shane From Sydney
    Krazy Joe
    Trampas Whiteman
    Theloneus Sweetleaf as themselves

    Kim Butler from Buffy Between the Lines as Betty-1
    Stephanie From Oahu as Forai the Four Eyed Alien
    Roy the Bionic Geek as Carl the One headed Engineer
    Michael Faulkner From the Chronic Rift Network as the PuppEE Sargent
    Anthony Hardy as The PuppEE Prison Guard and both Landing Pad Guards

    Also thanks to Brian Brown for playing the future professor several episodes back.

    And thanks to Michael R. Mennenga and the slice crew for humoring us on this big story.

    (Krazy Joe’s wardrobe was furnished by MegaPodjamas: “Keepon Wearin those Pajamas!”)

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