Obama Melds “Trek” and “Wars”

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This past Friday morning durring a press conference on the current budget issues President Obama explained that he couldn’t “do a Jedi mind meld” to get Congress to pass his preferred bill. Predictably the social networks quickly came alive with humor and snark about this genre faux-pas. Showing a surprising sense of humor and cultural relevance the White House got in on the act putting out its own image tweet.

Its great seeing the president following through on uniting the nation; and trying to bring together disparate groups, like Trekkies and Star Wars fans.


  1. Age of the Geek, baby.

    Absolutely love owning the follow through like that, too.

  2. Concerning this faux pas by the president: May the Force Live Long and Prosper.

  3. Personally I’d rather he keep us safe and help us keep all our money. It’s ok if he gets Lucasverse and Trekverse wrong.

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