Bates Joins “American Horror Story”

Kathy Bates has signed on to be part of the third season of American Horror Story.

Bates will play a nemesis of Jessica Lange’s character in the third season.

Bates will play the best friend of Lange’s new character, who turns into her enemy.

Details on Horror Story‘s third season remain scarce, but series cocreator Ryan Murphy previously confirmed that Lange will play a “glamour cat leading lady,” in stark contrast to her gloomy Asylum wardrobe. Ryan also teased that the new season will be “more historical in nature” and take place in modern day. But just like past seasons, we will see different “time periods” and “there [will] also be different cities.”


  1. says

    So glad to see Bates back in action after her battle with breast cancer. Happy she is winning that fight and, although I was no a fan of American Horror Story, now that she is part of the cast I will be watching.

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