Who’s Coming Back to “Supernatural”?

A couple of weeks ago, the CW gave Supernatural the green light for a ninth season.   Now comes news that actor Misha Collins will be a regular cast member for the upcoming season.

Collins deal calls for him to also step behind the camera and direct an episode in season nine.

Collins was introduced as the angel Castiel in the Season 4 premiere, and proved so popular that he was promoted to series regular for the fifth and sixth seasons. For seasons 7 and 8, however, he became a special guest star; he was last seen on the Jan. 16 episode. Since 2008, Collins has appeared in 50 episodes of The CW drama.

After the character was killed off, fans sent feathers to the production office to lobby for his return.

“I don’t think the feathers to the offices campaign was what saved the angel, but it does look like i’m going to be a regular for season 9,” Collins tweeted Monday.


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