Which DC Character Dies This Week?

Last week, we heard rumors that DC was considering killing off a character in an upcoming issue.  Today, we have confirmation that a death will occur and that it will happen in an issue hitting stands this Wednesday.

We urge readers who don’t want to know details to proceed carefully.  There will be SPOILERS ahead….

If you’re still here, you read at your own risk.

In the upcoming Batman Unlimited #8, Bruce Wayne’s son and the current Robin, Demian Wayne, will be killed off.  Writer Grant Morrison tells us that Demian will go out a hero, though.

The 10-year-old boy wonder will face off against a powerful assassin who, in true comic book tradition, is his brother cloned from genetic material.

Of course, knowing a character would die wasn’t a huge leap.  The current arc is called “Death of a Family.”  But now we know who will no longer be with us — well, at least until the next retcon.


  1. says

    That may be just too hard for me to read. It was bad enough back in 1985 seeing Supergirl die. As much as Jason Todd was hated by fans I had a difficult time reading the issue where he’s killed by Joker.

    I’ll have to let this one slip past me…

  2. Joe from CT says

    Damion showed up a little while before the last Crisis crossover and was Robin the whole time that Dick Grayson was Batman. His mother was Talyia Al Ghul. Hope that helps. :)

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