Underdog Is Here!

There’s no need to fear… Underdog is here! Or is he? Bryan Singer still leaking movie news, The Incredible Shrinking Man is destined for Modern Times, Harrison Ford wants to get his Hans dirty again, Indiana Jones survives a Nuke, John Williams is ready for Wars, but are You ready to Wear Apple’s “iWatch”?, Warning: Zombies have invaded Montana, Wizard of Oz takes us into some Dark Areas, Trivia: Valentines Day part 2, Geek Moment of the Week, You can Vote to Name one of Pluto’s Moons “Vulcan”, and what went Boom over Russia??

Link: http://www.plutorocks.com/”>Pluto Rocks: Help Name the Smallest Moons of Pluto

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  1. Alverant says

    Looks like Vulcan won with 50% more votes than 2nd place.

    Also didn’t Underdog have to do drugs to get his powers? Just say no!

    • Laith Preston says

      Nope, I think you may be thinking Popeye’s spinach addiction. :)

      When Sweet Polly Purebred was in danger Shoeshine Boy would jump in the nearest phone booth for a costume change to Underdog (destroying the booth in the process).

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