Will Mickey Team Up With Roger?

Buddy movies are nothing new for Hollywood. But could Disney be prepping a buddy movie with two famous cartoon characters?

According to /Film, the House of Mouse may be working on a team-up for Mickey Mouse and Roger Rabbit.

The proposed movie would be called The Stooge and it would bring together Mickey and Roger in a buddy, action-comedy. Gary K. Wolf, creator of Roger Rabbit, says that Disney executives are working on a concept for the film which would not serve as a sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

According to Wolf, The Stooge is “a real development proposal” for a Disney/Pixar movie which has concept art and a producer, Erik von Wodtke, who is talking to screenwriters and directors about possibly getting the film made.

The film would be loosely based on an old Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis comedy of the same name according to reports.


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