Remembering William “Buck” Biggers

This past weekend William Watts Biggers, one of the co-creators of Underdog, passed away unexpectedly at his Plymouth, Mass., home. He was 85.

“Buck” Biggers was involved in the creation of the iconic character of “Underdog” and his alter-ego “Shoeshine Boy”, while working on an assignment for General Mills to come up with television cartoons to promote its breakfast cereals.

Underdog began in 1964 and ran in regular syndication until 1973. The tales of Shoeshine Boy and his love interest, Sweet Polly Purebred, were enjoyed by many both on the TV and in comic books. The character also enjoyed some more modern publicity with the 2007 live action remake, staring Jason Lee and Peter Dinklage.


  1. John from Lakeland says

    Sad to see him go. Sadder even to not have Underdog around for so many years. As a boy growing up in the 70’s, Underdog was my true favorite. When I started Kindergarten at age 4 back in 1974, I can still remember crying around 2:30 nearly every day. I couldn’t tell time by that point but I knew I was missing Underdog on TV. Underdog, along with Rocky and Bullwinkle, Mr Peabody, Dudley Do-Right, they were the greatest.

    I haven’t watched 1 minute of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade since they took Underdog out of it. I never will again until they bring him back.

    Thank You Buck Biggers, for making this little boys memories a little more enjoyable.

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