Indy Could Have Survived In the Fridge

One of the most eyebrow raising moments in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was when Indy survives a nuclear blast by hiding out in a fridge.

In an attempt to debunk the scene, The Escapist: Reel Physics delved into the sequence and discovered that the scene many not be as improbable as many of us originally thought.

The investigation indicates that Indy could have survived the blast in a lead lined fridge.   The investigation finds its the weight of the fridge that could have saved Indy from the radiation,  which would contribute to the forces that would help Jones survive the blast and the toss. So science proves that nuking the fridge is an accurate stunt.

Do you believe it?  Or do you still call sheningans on the scene?


  1. uzziah0 says

    I don’t remember that movie??!! What are you talking about! Are you some interloper from another dimension trying to pollute our timeline with bad Indy movies from your timeline?

  2. Omni says

    I view this movie through my Inter-planar Portal Panel (patent pending), as sure such atrocities do not exist in this universe. So fine, the radiation was not a problem. The ride they gave him in the fridge… Nope. I think surviving that would be a longshot, and walking away nearly impossible.

  3. startrekmom says

    Radiation aside, the blast should have probably damaged the outside of the refrigerator, or the “landing” could have too. Either way, I think Indy could survive, but being able to get the door open afterwards? That ‘s what I think is wrong. The fridge looked virtually undamaged.

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