SciFi to SciFact: Wrist Communicators

For years, we’ve seen wrist communicators in some of our favorite genre shows and movies.   Rumor has it that a wrist phone could go from sci-fi to sci-fact in the near future.

Apple is reportedly developing an iPhone that could be worn on your wrist.  Speaking on condition of anonymity, sources at Apple say that wrist phone would have curved glass and run the current Apple OS.

While The New York Times does not name its sources, it says those sources have shared that Apple plans to differentiate itself from the competition with a new glass technology and its “understanding of how such glass can curve around the human body.” The New York Times points out that Corning, the maker of very durable Gorilla Glass, which covers the iPhone, has been experimenting with bendable glass over the last few years.

Following the Times’ report, The Wall Street Journal corroborated that Apple is working on a watch that would “perform some functions of a smartphone.” The Journal reports that Apple has discussed the plans with its major manufacturing partner in China. Apple did not respond to ABC News’ request for comment about the watch rumors.

Apple wouldn’t be the first to create a watch that works with a smartphone or a smartwatch. Sony and Motorola have created small devices that you can wear on your wrist that show you notifications from your phone.

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