Could This Be Why Mazarra Left “The Walking Dead”?

We don’t know exactly why producer Glen Mazarra and The Walking Dead parted ways, but a recent interview Mazarra gave with Hero Complex might provide a clue.

Talking about the ramp up in major deaths in season three, Mazarra said that this was part of his new “war-like” approach to the series and how he felt that none of the characters could or should be safe.  That includes the show’s main character, Rick.  Mazarra says that if the story called for it and it was for the right reasons, he’d see fit to kill off Rick — or any other character on the show.

“Every day I get tweets from people saying, ‘If you kill Daryl, we riot.’ I’ll say this: I would never kill a character just to shock the audience. It’s about finding further story,” he says. “When Dale was killed that put Shane in motion, when Shane is trying to kill Rick, Rick ends up stepping up as leader, that puts his marriage in jeopardy. It affects Carl. Carl was also affected with Lori’s death. All these deaths are very meaningful. So if there was a story in which killing Rick or Daryl or Hershel or anybody, the Governor, Andrea, Maggie, really affected the surviving characters and led to other stories I would do it. That would obviously be a big deviation from the book but in my mind when I’ve said no one is safe, I’ve been 100 percent sincere.”

So, do you think that at least one character on the show should be safe or do you like the idea that no one is safe in the universe of The Walking Dead?


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