Classic “Who” DVD Release Schedule For 2013

As we countdown until the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, fans can look forward to rounding out their DVD collection.

Fans will want to mark their calendars for June.  That’s when two of the most anticipated serials hit shelves — the final full Tom Baker story, ‘Terror of the Zygons” and the Jon Pertwee, restored six-part story, “The Mind of Evil.”

The classic series will also see its first Blu-Ray release with Jon Pertwee’s “Spearhead from Space” later this year (it was film entirely on film, making it the only solid candidate for Blu-Ray release).

We’ll also see the incomplete second Doctor story “The Ice Warriors” hit shelves as well, though no sign yet of the recently recovered “Underwater Menance, 2″ is on the schedule.

We’ll also get some upgrades to early releases.  The schedule below is release dates for the UK. The U.S. releases should follow soon after their British release.

  • February 25: The Ark in Space: Special Edition
  • March 11: The Aztecs: Special Edition (plus Galaxy 4 reconstruction)
  • May 6: The Visitation: Special Edition
  • May 27: Inferno: Special Edition
  • June 3: The Mind of Evil
  • June 24: Terror of the Zygons
  • July 15: Spearhead from Space Blu-Ray
  • August 5: The Green Death: Special Edition
  • August 26: The Ice Warriors
  • September 16: Scream of the Shalka

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