Nemec Injured In Boat Accident

Actor Corin Nemec, who starred in a season of Stargate SG-1, was injured in a boat accident recently.

According to, the actor was riding on a Coast Guard vehicle in Belize when it hit a partially submerged barge. Nemec was reportedly thrown into the side of the vessel, shattering his femur and losing almost half the blood in his body from his injuries. The actor was rushed to a nearby hospital for emergency surgery.

Though Nemec’s injuries were life-threatening, his condition has since stabilized, and he’s expected to make a slow but mostly full recovery.

Nemec was in Belize shooting a new film called Poseidon Rex.


  1. says

    It’s a miracle he survived given the amount of blood he lost.

    I wonder what type of condition he’ll be in after his period recovery? The article said a “slow but mostly full recovery.” How long of a recovery period, and what type of condition will he be in?

    I’ve been a fan of his for many years. He’s a great actor, both dramatically and comedically. I would hate very much to see anything permanently bad happen to him.

  2. BigMack in PDX says

    It sounds like SciFi Saturday really can kill you.. With a name like you know that’s what was being filmed. I’m glad he’s ok, not a way to go, though I to am astounded by such a fast recovery. A shattered femur plus the blood loss, I know Belize isn’t exactly the backside of nowhere but it’s no John Hopkins or Cedar Sinai.

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