Gamer Goes On Fast to Protest Parents Not Letting Him Play Games

A 20-something  in China is going on a fast in protest.

No, it’s not for a political or social cause, but it’s because his parents want to restrict his time playing video games.

Yang Yang, who lives in Chongqing, China with his parents, recently had a conflict with his parents over how long he’d been playing games.  According to Kotaku, Yang got flip with his mother over how long he’d been playing, leading to his father intervening.  His father proceeded to smash the computer keyboard into the ground.

He then informed his son that it was time for dinner.  Yang shut the door, refusing to come out and denying himself food and water in protest.  He did come out of his room the next day, but was still fasting.

The fast continued long enough to cause his worried parents to call Emergency Services. Workers from Emergency Services were able to convince Yang to eat and his father bought him a new keyboard.


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