Abrams Directing “Episode 7″

J.J. Abrams revived Star Trek on the silver screen.  Now he’ll get to play in another iconic genre universe.

Abrams has been tapped as the director for the next Star Wars installment. The Wrap reports that Abrams has accepted the directing duties for Episode 7.

The directing gig comes after months of pursuit by LucasFilm head Kathleen Kennedy.

Abrams initially denied rumors linking him to the film.  However, it’s reported that the lure of bringing back “a galaxy far, far away” proved too enticing for Abrams.

We’ll have more details as they become available on this breaking story.


    • says

      Then I shall be the lone voice in the wilderness… I’m not THAT enamored with what Abrams has done with Trek. He has blustered his way into a franchise that he admittedly knows nothing about. I found an endless list of flaws (some of them were pretty glaring, e.g. Red Matter) that nearly ruined the movie for me. The only thing that saved it were the strong characterizations and the cast. Had it not been for that the first Trek film of his would have gone down as an unmitigated disaster.

      I fear it will be the same with Star Wars.

  1. DanVzare says

    I have hope for this film. I know some people don’t like Abrams, but at least he isn’t as bad as Michael Bay or Zack Snyder or someone who’s much much worse.

  2. John from Lakeland says

    My very first thought when I read this was: “JarJar with Lens Flare”

    I think I can handle Jar-Jar a little more than that.

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