“The Odyssey” In Space?

Homer’s classic Greek story The Odyssey is dropping the togas and picking up the space suits.

Warner Brothers is developing a new sci-fi version of the epic tale, Deadline reports.

The Odyssey tracks the struggle of Odysseus to return from those wars, as suitors line up to marry his wife, and sponge off his estate as they wait for her to make a decision.

Terry Dougas of 1821 Pictures came up with the idea of setting the tale in space. Dougas and Paris Kasidokostas Latsis brought the idea to Warner Brothers, who initially had Brad Pitt attached to star.

Pitt has since left the project.

The studio now sees it as a potential franchise and it’s being steered by Greg Silverman and Courtenay Valenti and Racheline Benveniste.


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