Jimmy Olsen Getting A Major Change In “Man of Steel”?!?

Zach Snyder is looking to turn the Superman universe on its ear with the upcoming reboot Man of Steel.

Could that include pulling a Starbuck for one of the icons of the Superman universe?

Eagle-eyed readers of the IMBD listing have noticed that Jimmy Olsen is missing from the cast, but there is a Jenny Olsen listed.

This has led to speculation that Jimmy could be re-imaged as Jenny Olsen in Man of Steel.

Actress Rebecca Buller plays Jenny in the upcoming movie. Beyond that, details have not been confirmed and no one with the project will say yea or nay either way.


  1. Laith Preston says

    Well that should be interesting. Considering in the older stories Jimmy was the one in peril about as much as Lois, doing a gender swap here without falling into damsel in distress territory might be tricky.

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