What did you think of the FRINGE Finale?

So, tell us what you thought of the FRINGE series finale!

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What Are Your Thoughts on the FRINGE Finale?

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  1. Magess says

    So on the one hand, it was emotionally satisfying to arrive at a happily ever after.

    On the other, how did Peter end up with our Olivia if there were never Observers? Not just no invasion, but none ever? The illness, Walternate’s experiment, the lake, all of that changes, yeah?

    So I think it doesn’t actually make sense if you try to think about it. Which I guess means just enjoy the warm fuzzies and don’t think about it.

  2. gabby says

    Yes, I agree with magess. I was really disappointed by the ending. If the Observers didn’t exist, they never distracted Walter so the only Peter that’s still alive is the one in the alternate universe.
    I think it would have been cool if they’d bumped into each other in the alt universe though and the sparks fly so you know they had a future somewhere even though it wasn’t the original plan (sort of like sliding doors).

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