Noble, Abrams Call “Fringe” Finale “Satisfying”

Series creator J.J. Abrams and star John Noble say that this Friday’s finale of Fringe will be a satisfying one for fans.

Abrams and Noble both praised the final episode of Fringe, referring to the series finale as “unbelievable” and “perfect,” respectively.

Noble says that the finale ties into the arc we saw his character Walter embark on in season one

“If you had asked me in Season 1 where I thought Walter should finish up, it would have been exactly where he does. That’s the remarkable thing — it’s the perfect arc for Walter,” Noble says.

The finale of Fringe airs this Friday at 8 p.m. EST on Fox.


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      I don’t think that will be the case for Walter. I personally find nothing satisfying about that especially since he’s become such a beloved character on the show.

      Depending on how time is re-booted it may be that Walter is sort of erased from time in a manner similar to what happened to Peter. Personally I would like to see it get reset to a time back when they had the family unit with Etta, but then again that might be considered to be not so much satisfying, but sugar-coated.

      Personally I have no idea how this is going to end, but the writers have never let me down (except for the occasional “idiot-plot,” but that was far and few between) so I have complete faith that it will be an ending which will be just as they described it… Satisfying!

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    It seems that Olivia didn’t realize that changing the course of history for the observers might change whether or not Peter was rescued from the ice. But he was already erased from existence once so I don’t think they would go that way again. Whatever happens I think Michael might be the only person who remembers everything.

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      I have a feeling that Peter hasn’t figured that part out either, and something tells me that he really doesn’t care. He would probably be happy to sacrifice his own existence if it meant ridding the timeline of the Observers.

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