New App Takes You “Into Darkness”

Star Trek Into Darkness is coming to your smart phone.

A new app tied into the J.J. Abrams sequel is headed our way.  The app will launch later this month and allow users to go on Starfleet-esque missions by inputting audio-visual elements into their phones.

For example, a fan could watch the Into Darkness trailer on TV, and the app’s audio tool would hear it and might reward its user with points toward unlocking a new Star Trek image or wallpaper. The app’s geolocation tool might reward fans for going to a movie theater, while those who snap a photo of an Into Darkness poster could earn points toward unlocking a video.

The app from Paramount Pictures and Qualcomm was announced Tuesday at the International CES show in Las Vegas by Qualcomm CEO Dr. Paul E. Jacobs.

“This app harnesses the power of the smartphone to bridge the digital and physical world, allowing the studio to market the film in the real world and simultaneously bring users into the film’s story and world,” Jacobs said.

As the anticipated film’s release date nears, one special prize will be unlockable only by those who watch an Into Darkness TV spot — app in hand. In addition, one fan will win a trip to the Into Darkness premiere.

More information on the app, and rules for entering the premiere contest, can be found at

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