Kelly Ponders Why “Wonder Woman” Failed

With the CW developing a Wonder Woman series called Amazon, prolific TV writer and producer David E. Kelley is looking at why his pilot based on the comic book hero failed to make it to screens.

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Kelley says that time constraints were part of the reason that series failed at the pilot level and never got a series commitment from NBC.  He says that had he had a chance to develop more than a pilot but also a few episodes for the new series, NBC might have been sold on the show.  Kelley adds that he believes that there is still a place on TV for a new vision of Wonder Woman.

“I still believe it’s viable for a television series. I think it’s ripe to do it. We made mistakes with ours. My only regret is we were never given a chance to correct them. We had a lot that was right about it and a great cast. In time, we could have fixed what we had done wrong, we just didn’t get that chance. All my series have been a work in progress to a certain extent where you figure them out by episodes three, four or five. This one actually gelled sooner than any that I have had in the past. We would have gotten there and I wish we were afforded a little more time,” he says. “We produced it at warp speed and it’s a special effects show and it took more time than we were able to give it. We were able to give it more time and extended it had we been picked up. Just learning the storytelling — the genre was very different for me and I had a lot to learn; my learning curve probably would have gotten better. I’m sad we didn’t get to do it but I do believe it can work for the CW. They’re smart to try it.”

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