Piper Rules Out “Who” Return

While we know that John Barrowman has repeatedly expressed an interest in coming back to the Doctor Who for the series’ fiftieth anniversary, we can tell you that there is one companion who may not show up.

Actress Billie Piper says that she has not been approached about returning to the series for the golden anniversary.

Piper tells Graham Norton on his popular talk show that actor Matt Smith has expressed an interest in her returning, but no one else from the production team has.  At this point, Piper says she believes its unlikely Rose Tyler would return.

So, do you like the idea of Rose not coming back or would you like to see her again?  And which companions would you like to see come back?


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    While I’m not adverse to Ms Piper’s return as Rose for the 50th Anniversary, I don’t see how Moffat could pull it off since it was expressly stated she could never cross over from the alternate or parallel universe she currently resides in. If it is even forbidden for the Doctor to do so (or he is unable) then the possibility of Rose making the jaunt seems highly unlikely.

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    Who indeed. I would love to see Romana (Lala Ward), back. That would give us some wiggle room on the Face of Bo’s comment “You are not alone”, and open up possibilities for what may come in the future of the Whoniverse.

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    Um…. she did rule it out; she just basically said that she hasn’t been asked, nor does she believe that Matt Smith’s comments are rooted in reality.

    Personally, I could go either way about her, but I’d prefer to not have any companions and just doctors.

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