Could “Twin Peaks” Get a Third Season?!?

Cult favorite series Twin Peaks ended on a cliffhanger many years ago and if new rumors are true, fans could finally get some resolution.

According to Moviehole, series creator David Lynch is in conversations with NBC to bring the cult series back for a third season.   Co-creator Mark Frost says that he and Lynch have had conversations over the years about if and how the show could come back.

You may recall there was a movie after the series left the air,  but it didn’t resolve the cliffhanger.

According to rumor, the new series would pick up after season two and the cliffhanger involved.  It would move forward and try to resolve the cliffhanger and build new storylines from there.

So, do you think this is a good idea?  Or has it been too long since Twin Peaks left the airwaves to garner enough interest for a new season order?


  1. says

    I would love it. I know it’s been an eternity since we’ve visited Twin Peaks, but it was such a great show and even decades later, I think Lynch / Frost could find a way to make it work (although a few cast members are no longer with us) and make it amazingly cool. I’d love to go back for one more cup of coffee.

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