“Pacific Rim” Trailer Debuts

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The first trailer for Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim has debuted.

The futuristic film centers on a threatened human race fighting giant monsters (Kaijus) using large robots (Jaegers). The trailer reveals that the monsters are actually aliens which emerged from an inter-dimensional portal deep within the Pacific Ocean.


  1. Shadoglare says:

    So, uh, Transformers vs Godzilla. Got it.

    BTW, it sure sounds like the human computer systems are controlled by GlaDOS.

  2. Looks like a take from a movie in 1989 called “Robot Jox” where men operate robots from afar.

  3. sean from Edwards says:

    Shad you got it half right, Kaijun vs giant human pilots robots ala classic super robot anime. Joe you are a little off the pilots were in the robots in robot jocks too. I know a guy who worked on the SFX for this, can’t wait. “ROCKET PUNCH!!!!”

  4. Live action Evangelion.

  5. Go go Power Rangers!

  6. Big Monsters v Big Robots = Me in the theater seat….

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