“Pacific Rim” Trailer Debuts

The first trailer for Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim has debuted.

The futuristic film centers on a threatened human race fighting giant monsters (Kaijus) using large robots (Jaegers). The trailer reveals that the monsters are actually aliens which emerged from an inter-dimensional portal deep within the Pacific Ocean.


  1. Shadoglare says

    So, uh, Transformers vs Godzilla. Got it.

    BTW, it sure sounds like the human computer systems are controlled by GlaDOS.

  2. sean from Edwards says

    Shad you got it half right, Kaijun vs giant human pilots robots ala classic super robot anime. Joe you are a little off the pilots were in the robots in robot jocks too. I know a guy who worked on the SFX for this, can’t wait. “ROCKET PUNCH!!!!”

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