Is “The Hobbit” Making Audiences Sick?

A couple of days ago, we heard reports that test screenings of The Hobbit in the new 48 FPS format were having an unintended consequence — making audiences ill.

Reports out of test screenings said audiences experienced nausea and migraines after seeing the film in the new format.

Now Warner Brothers has responded, claiming there is no validity to these stories.

“We have been screening the full-length HFR 3D presentation of THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY extensively and feedback has been extremely positive, with none of thousands who have seen the film projected in this format expressing any of the issues described by two anonymous sources in media reports. We share the filmmakers’ belief that by offering filmgoers the additional choice of HFR 3D, alongside traditional viewing formats, they have an opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking advancement in the moviegoing experience and we look forward to having audiences everywhere share in this new way of storytelling,” the studio says in a statement released today.

Of course, most of us won’t have to worry about potential side effects to the new format. Most theaters in the United States aren’t yet equipped for the new 48 FPS format.


  1. ALibertarian says

    Gee, Warner Bros. made the movie, makes the $$ from the movie and says there is “NO PROBLEM” with the HFR 3D viewing experience.

    I’m certainly convinced!

    Think I’ll stick with 2D as usual

  2. says

    Well…yeah, not sure who to believe, but I already have problems with 3D and getting vertigo. I’ll stick to the 2D this time round, too. But it will still be AWESOME!!! I can’t wait! :)

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