Extended “Star Trek Into Darkness” Trailer

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A slightly longer trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness has cropped up on the Internet.

The trailer comes from Japan and features a few extra seconds and an extra line at the end.

We’ll have some speculation about the trailer that could be SPOILERy….you have been warned.


So, the final images hint that the ending here could mirror that of Wrath of Khan. Based on rumors we’ve heard about Zachary Quinto considering leaving the franchise after this film, could we be for another death for Spock?

As for the trailer, it looks like the Batch could be playing Gary Mitchell.  The images of Alice Krige look a LOT like Elizabeth Dehner in the classic episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before.”  Or it could be Carol Marcus…

Whatever the case, we’re more eager than ever for the movie to hit theaters.

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