“Merlin” Ending

After five seasons, the magical reboot of Camelot is coming to a close.  The BBC announced today that  Merlin will come to an end after the current season.

The series will come to an end at Christmas time in the UK, reports the Hollywood Reporter.

However, it is hoped there could be spin-offs for the hit fantasy show.

Shine and FremantleMedia Enterprises, which handles the show internationally, are in the early stages of developing potential Merlin spinoffs based around the world created in the current show.


  1. marionhilt says

    I really hate that you are ending “Merlin.” After Star Trek and SG-1 were cancelled from Syfy, “Merlin” has been about the only Syfy Show that I enjoy. I hope that you will reconsider ending “Merlin.” There are just so many more stories to be told. And I don’t know why you got rid of King Uther so quickly. He and the physician are great actors. I am so disappointed. (I do not like the new episodes as much as I did the prior episodes. There was just so many stories that you could have told.

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